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Ask Me Anything

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Will there be other animals around when my pet is being groomed?

No! I will only schedule one animal at a time to ensure that your pet receives 1 on 1 time and to eliminate any unneeded stress on your pet.

What kind of products are used on my animal?

I have 3 different shampoos that I use on the animals.  I have hypoallergenic products, oatmeal based, waterless and conditioner.  I also have 2 different dog colognes as well.

Can I get status updates on my pet while being boarded in your care?

We will provide you with status updates during your pets stay with us.  Pictures will also be provided upon request.  Your pets safety and comfort are important to us.

What kind of entertainment and exercise will my pet receive?

We provide TVs in the kennels. so your pet doesn't get lonely.  Regular walks are also provided when your pet is in our care, as well as a fenced in outdoor area for your pet to play in.  We can also groom your pet during its stay at a small additional cost.

Are the kennels private?

All of our kennels are private and separated by walls.  Your pet will not share it's space with any other animals.